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Third Term as Mayor – an Asset for Peachland (Website Blog)

If re-elected this will be my third term as Mayor. This is a “positive” for Peachland.

The experience, knowledge, and positive working relationships I have cultivated with Provincial and Federal Ministers, as well as leaders of other communities, gives me a much greater advantage when lobbying for our community, than someone new. They know me, they appreciate the passion I have for Peachland, and are willing to work with me to achieve our goals. In the last two terms as Mayor, Peachland has had the highest dollar amount of project grants in its 110-year history -- Million$ -- and has seen multiple successes.

I am well embedded in many committees and boards, such as the Okanagan Basin Water Board (Vice-Chair), which deals with water conservation, source water protection, milfoil, invasive zebra and quagga mussels, watersheds and wetlands, and most recently, in the re-evaluation of the metrics used to determine the Okanagan Lake level management.

I, also, Chair the Mayors Task Force on Climate Change and Healthy Watersheds Committee, am on the Board of the Central Okanagan Regional District, Peachland Seniors Support Society (affordable seniors housing), Kelowna Airport Advisory Committee, Regional District Hospital Board, Westside Wastewater Select Committee, and others. I am skilled in diplomacy and am persistence and dogged when going to bat for our community. I have had many successes (several, of which, are listed on my webpage and campaign brochure).

I have also shown leadership through the tough times, such as the flooding of 2017 and 2018, wildfires, heat dome, and COVID.

This fall I also received my Level III in Local Government Leadership. This is the highest level you can achieve from the Local Government Leadership Academy (LGLA). It requires many, many courses and programs to achieve this level. I was presented with the certificate at this year’s Union of BC Municipalities.

Mayor Cindy.

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